Rank Documentation[PDF]

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The department training proposes you the biggest aeronautical documentary source of air simulation (more than 300 articles). These documents are adapted to the air simulation on our network and they are the base of our theoretical and practical examinations.

Exam documentation for Pilot ranks

  1. Pilot Student documentation (FS1,FS2,FS3)
  2. Private Pilot documentation (PP)
  3. Senior Private Pilot documentation (SPP)
  4. Commercial Pilot documentation (CP)
  5. Airline Transport Pilot documentation (ATP)

Exam documentation for Air Traffic Controller ranks

  1. ATC Student documentation (AS1,AS2,AS3)
  2. Aerodrome Controller documentation (ADC)
  3. Approach Controller documentation (APC)
  4. Area Controller documentation (ACC)
  5. Senior Controller documentation (SEC)


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  • This documentation is copyrighted as part of the intellectual property of the International Virtual Aviation Organisation.


  • The content of this documentation is intended for aviation simulation only and must not be used for real aviation operations.