Published Procedures For Helicopters[PDF]


Increasing demand for helicopters and the advancing technology lead the authorities to develop special departure and approach procedures for helicopters. Especially, the extra maneuver capability helps them to achieve safe departure and approaches in much worse weather conditions with steeper angels.

Helicopters are required to comply every procedures published for aeroplanes, but if in national AIP's, there are additional published procedures for helicopters, it's pilots responsibility to check them prior to flight.

Standard Instrument Approach and Departure Charts

If requested by ATC, helicopters are obliged to comply with every necessities stated in standard departure and approach procedures. Since helicopters fly with relatively lower speeds than aeroplanes and don't stall, they are categorized as CAT A.

While using a standard instrument approach chart without a Helicopter(H) minima statement, use the CAT A section to determine your MDA/DA.
To meet the visibility requirements of the CAT A minima, the speed on the final approach segment must be reduced to the Category A speed of less than 90 KIAS before the MAP.

Helicopter Instrument Approach and Departure Charts

These charts are labeled as "COPTER ONLY" and specially designed for helicopters. The approach charts provides an advantage over a conventional ILS with shorter final segments and lower minimums. Departure charts helps to create necessary separation between helicopters and aeroplanes.

There are also Copter approaches with minimums as low as 100 feet which are intended to get use of helicopters extended maneuvering capability. These charts with lover minimums requires a special care and usually restricted to more experienced flight crews and approved helicopters with better avionics.

Copter-Only Charts.jpg

Helicopter Route Charts

Helicopter Route Charts depicts current aeronautical information which are more useful for helicopter pilots navigating in areas with high concentrations of helicopter activity.

Information depicted in this charts includes helicopter routes, heliports with associated frequency and lighting capabilities, NAVAIDS and obstructions. In addition, pictorial symbols, roads, and easily-identified geographical features may also be portrayed.

Helicopter Route Chart.png

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