Primary Flight Display - PFD[PDF]


In some complex aircraft, the cockpit does not have the six separate instruments but one primary flight instrument named Primary Flight Display (PFD).


  1. Airspeed indicator on the grey left bar (300)
  2. Attitude indicator in the middle (blue and brown colored)
  3. Altimeter on the grey right bar (30000)
  4. Turn coordinator (shown by the white triangle and a white rectangle below “CMD” green text)
  5. Heading indicator at the bottom centre (0°/360°)
  6. Vertical speed indicator (grey trapezoid form on the right)

Pfd explained.png

Of course, in function of aircraft, the primary flight display can differ, but you will find the same information near the same zone of instrument (airspeed indicator on the left, attitude indicator in the centre, altitude and vertical speed indicators on the right heading on the bottom...).

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