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To avoid large text-based communications, this chapter gives you the abbreviations commonly used in text mode in English:

List of abbreviations

text translation
a/c aircraft
a/d aerodrome
acft aircraft 
aff affirm, yes
afld airfield
alt altitude
alt.set altimeter setting
apch approach
app approach
APP Approach controller
apt airport
arpt airport
arr arrival
base base leg
c/m climb and maintain
caf cleared as filed (as  your flightplan)
cc correct
circ circling approach
clr clearance, cleared
clrd cleared
crs course
CTR Center or Radar Controller
d/m descend and maintain
dct direct
DEL Delivery controller
DEP Departure controller
dep departure
des descend
dis disregard, ignore
disrgd disregard, ignore
dnwd downwind
est established
exp expect
FL flight level
fp flightplan
fq frequency
freq frequency
frq frequency
FSS Flight Service Station controller
ft feet
g/d gear down
g/p glide path
gbye good bye
gday good day
GND Ground controller
gnight good night
gnite good night
GP glide path
gs glide slope
h/a hold at
h/o hand-off
h/p hold position, holding pattern, holding point 
h/s hold short
hdg heading
IAF Initial Approach Fix
ILS Instrument Landing System
IM Inner Marker
inbd inbound
KIAS IAS in knots
kt knots
l/h left hand
l/u and w line-up and wait
land land
LLZ Localizer
luw line-up and wait
min minima
MM Middle Marker
neg negative, no
NM Nautical Miles
OM Outer Marker
outbd outbound
pax passengers
pkg apron, parking
plz please
POB People On Board (number of)
pos position
r/h right hand
r/m reaching minima
r/p report passing
r/v radar vectors
rdl radial (of VOR)
rdr radar
rep report
req  request
rgr roger, received
rpt report
rwy runway
s/u start up
sby stand by
SID Standard Instrument Departure
SM Statute Miles
sq squawk
STAR Standard Arrival Procedures
stby stand by
std standard
stdy steady
t/f turning final
t/l turn left
t/o take off
t/r turn right
tl turn left
tleft turn left
tnx thank you or thanks
tr turn right
tright turn right
trk track (of NDB)
TWR Tower controller
vect vectors
wilco will comply, will do what is requested
wx weather


KJFK s/u and p/b gate E4

At KJFK starting up and pushing back at gate E4

EDDL taxi h/p N1 rwy 23L
At EDDL Taxiing to holding point n1 runway 23 left

LFPO l/u and w rwy 06
At LFPO lining up and wait, runway 06

EBBR t/o rwy 25R
At EBBR taking off runway 25R

LFPG departure SID LATRA1B, climbing to maintain Flight level 200

Direct BEBIX at flight level 310

LFBD arrival LMG4 descending to maintain Flight Level 160

Maintain FL80 for separation with AF431
Maintaining flight level 80 for separation with AF431

t/l hdg 320 behind AZA456
Turning left heading 320° behind AZA456

LFRS ILS app rwy 03
At LFRS Intercepting ILS approach runway 03

LERS 4Nm final rwy 03
At LERS 4nm final runway 03

DAAG clrd to land rwy 31
At DAAG cleared to land runway 31

LFPG rwy 26L vac, cross rwy 26R
At LFPG runway 26 left vacated, crossing runway 26 right

LFPG Taxi gate B20 via D
At LFPG taxiing to gate b20 via taxiway D

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