Make a direct to NDB navigation aid[PDF]


This is a chart showing:

  1. The aircraft coloured in orange
  2. Non-Directional Beacon - NDB: MUSKOKA YQA 272
  3. MUSKOKA airfield: CYQA
NDB location.png

The goal of the example is to go direct YQA NDB from the present position

Automatic Direction Finder

In order to properly fly to this NDB, please refer to the following page: Automatic Direction Finder

Flying inbound a NDB

Establish the reception of the NDB

The first step for the pilot is to tune the instruments:
  1. Tune the NDB frequency on the ADF frequency selector
  2. Verify that the ADF instrument is updated (arrow was moving from standby position to the beacon)

Tuning our ADF.png

After tuning to the NDB frequency, the arrow of the ADF is moving and points to the NDB.
Low frequency beacons can sometimes be received at great distances. It is very important to verify the Morse-code identifier of the station to be certain you are navigating from the proper beacon.

Turn to the beacon

If order to turn to the beacon we shall turn the heading toward the ADF arrow and stop the turn when the arrow points to the top of the ADF (0°) like the figure below.

ADF when NDB is straight ahead.png
If we check the route flown by the aircraft after this manoeuvre on the map, you can see that the aircraft is going directly to the wanted NDB.
Corresponding map representation of the ADF tutorial when we performed our turn.png

Overflying the NDB

When approaching the NDB with your aircraft, since the ADF will always turn to the direction of the beacon, you can see in the cockpit the quick move of the arrow which points from top position to bottom position.

The figure below shows two intermediate positions and the last position after flying over the NDB.

Overflying a NDB.png

Go forward from the beacon

If you maintain the heading, you continue your route outbound the NDB station.
Map ADF tutorial when NDB is overflown.png

If we check the cockpit view in that position, we find the ADF arrow pointing to the 6 o’clock position and pointing towards the NDB.

ADF when NDB is straight behind.png

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