Installation procedure IVAO pilot software X-plane Windows[PDF]


This is the installation procedure for X-plane 10 and X-plane 11.

Download and Launching application

Use the following link to download your version of Altitude (Beta testing link).

After downloading the application, Launch the application in order to install.

Altitude installation

Altitude install XP 1.png

Altitude install XP 2.png

Altitude install XP 3.png

Altitude install XP 4.png

Altitude install XP 5.png

Altitude install XP 6.png

Altitude install XP 7.png

Teamspeak Installation

TS2 Install 1.png

TS2 Install 2.png

TS2 Install 3.png

TS2 Install 4.png

TS2 Install 5.png

TS2 Install 6.png

TS2 Install 7.png

X-CSL Installation

XCL install 0.png

XCL install 1.png

XCL install 2.png

XCL install 3.png

XCL install 4.png

XCL install 5.png

End of Installation

Altitude install XP end.png


  • 22:58, 4 May 2020


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