IVAO Mediawiki Writing Guide[PDF]

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Log in

Open the IVAO Mediawiki main page in a new tab while reading this guide: http://mediawiki.ivao.aero/

In order to log in, you need to use the "Administration" link in the footer.
How to log in.png

Your login credentials are:
  • Your IVAO VID
  • Your personal password

If you cannot remember your password, you can use the "Forgot your password?" link of the login form.

Create a page

Create a red link

To create a page, you need to create a red link.
The link must be the page title.
Do not use symbols such as ":" and "/" which are used by Internet protocols to define webpage locations.

A red link is a link to a page which does not exist, enabling you to create the page subsequently.
Once the page has been created, the link color will automatically change to blue.

For example, the page entitled I am a red link does not exist and its link is displayed in red.

If you attempt to click on a red link, the form to create the page will open.

Please do not create this page to leave visible this example of a red link.
To know how to create a link technically, refer to the appropriate section of this page.

Open the page editor

Once you have created your red link, simply click it to go to the page editor which allows to create the page.

The page will be created when saving it for the first time.
Then, if you need to update it or carry through further modifications, you need to edit the page (see below).

Restrict access

The following requires approval from TDM and TDAM before use.
Failure to do so may result in your article being locked and not visible even for you.

In some cases, you may require your articles to be visible for specific members only.
For example, this may include articles about ongoing projects, or even in-development software documentation.

A tool has been implemented to prevent pages to be displayed to non-authorised users.
In order to protect your article, the first line of your article must contain the following: <accesscontrol>your_vid</accesscontrol>

The following message will be displayed when you are editing a protected page:

This is a protected page.

If the user has been denied access, he is being redirected to a proper page.

Edit a page

In order to edit a page, when you are logged in, just click the "Edit" button present on the article page.

This action will open the page editor.

Your attention is drawn to the fact that you are solely entitled to carry through modifications to articles you are creating.
Any other edition requires prior permission from TDM and TDAM.
All editions are logged by the wiki.

Page editor

General aspects

The editor consists of four distinct areas:
  • Two tabs:
    • to write the article
    • to display real-time preview
  • a toolbar
  • a text area
  • a button to save the changes
Unless the page has been protected, bear in mind that your page is always visible to anyone.
Therefore, when creating a new page, use the work-in-progress header as described below.
By default, you need to display the toolbar using the "Advanced" submenu.
Opening the toolbar.png
If you cannot see the default toolbar:
  • Desktop device: make sure Javascript is enabled
  • Mobile device: make sure you display "Desktop version"
The complete toolbar should be visible.
The page editor and the toolbar.png

Toolbar content

You will realise soon enough that writing articles requires to use the wiki language.
However, in order to ease the learning curve, a toolbar has been set up. Therefore, adjusting the display of your article is exactly the same as writing a document with a word processor and you do not need to learn the wiki language.

You are more than welcome to open existing articles to learn from the way they are written as long as you never save any modifications.
The toolbar has several buttons that enable you to write your article with the appropriate display and styling.
All fonts and colors match the IVAO Brand.
Buttons of interest for the toolbar.png
The following buttons are of interest:
  • Magenta box
    • Bold
    • Italic
    • Underlined
    • Centered

  • Dark blue box
    • Link editor

  • Cyan box
    • Picture Editor

  • Yellow box
    • Header

  • Red box
    • Green block
    • Orange block
    • Red block
    • Blue block
    • Quote block

  • Brown box
    • Phraseology block
    • ATC Phraseology
    • IFR Pilot Phraseology
    • VFR Pilot Phraseology
    • Helicopter Pilot Phraseology
    • Follow-me Phraseology

  • Green box
    • Footer insertion

  • Grey box
    • Work in progress insertion

  • Pink box
    • New line

  • Black box
    • Table editor

Link editor

To add a link, click on the corresponding toolbar button to display the form.
Insert link.png

The form has the following interesting points:

  • you can differentiate between the actual link and the actual text to be displayed.
  • when referencing a wiki page, only the page title should be written (and NOT the full URL which is only for external links)
  • if the page exists, it will show up when typing the first characters
If you need to create a new page by creating a red link, remember that the link must be the page title.

Picture Editor

You have the ability to upload pictures and insert them into your articles.

A word of caution: all uploads must be your own/IVAO intellectual property or written permission must be sought from the owner.
Always put the TDM and the TDAM in copy of such discussions.
You need to upload your picture first.
Upload an image.png
Fill in the correct file into the form.
Upload form part 1.png
After the upload, fill in a description of the image and save it.
Upload form part 2.png
Then, you can insert your picture with the next form.
Insert a picture form part 2.png
Pay attention to:
  • select the correct alignment
  • select -None- for formatting


Select the correct header level.
The 1st level is only used for the page title.
You do NOT need to write the page title yourself when creating an article.

Coloured block

Various blocks enable to express the tone of your article and the importance of the content.

Write between both markers.
Coloured block for wiki.png

Usually, the colours are assigned to the following context:

  • Green: important knowledge
  • Orange: knowledge requiring attention
  • Red: knowledge indicating a danger
  • Blue: information
  • Blockquote: for examples

Phraseology block

When dealing with phraseology matters, we have created a proper formatting using the toolbar.

It is a two-step process:
  • Add phraseology block (Red box)
  • In-between, add corresponding speaker (Orange box)
Phraseo block.png

This is the resulting formatting:

Phraseo block example.png

Insert footer

At the bottom of your article, you have to insert a preformatted footer.
Remember to fill in the information accordingly.
Insert footer.png

Insert work-in-progress header

At the top of your article, you have to insert a preformatted header indicating the temporary creation process of your article.
Until the article has been reviewed and proofread, this header must remain in place.
Insert work-in-progress.png

Insert a new line

Due to the nature of the wiki language, one limitation of our editor is the necessity to insert a new line character.

If you write down the following...

This is the first line
This is the second line

... it will be displayed as:

This is the first lineThis is the second line

You need to use the downward-left arrow to insert a new line character: <br />
You may also directly type yourself the reduced expression: <br>

The correct expression is then:

This is the first line<br />
This is the second line

Insert a table

To insert tables, you need to use the appropriate form provided by the toolbar.
Insert table form.png

You can edit the content of the cell directly in the page editor.

Table display.png
Should you require more complex styling (cell merge), the official Wikimedia documentation is at your disposal.

Other formatting


Wiki enables the use of:
  • Unordered lists by starting a new line with the symbol *
  • Ordered lists by starting a new line with the symbol #


*First item
*Second item
*Third item

You can nest lists by merging list symbols. You can combine both ordered and unordered lists.

For example, this is how to display nested lists:

*List 1 - Item 1
*#List 1, List 2 - Item 1
*#List 1, List 2 - Item 2
*#List 1, List 2 - Item 3
*List 1 - Item 2
**List 1, List 3 - Item 1
**List 1, List 3 - Item 2

Mathematical equations

If you need to display mathematical equations and formulas, the best way is to write it using other tools such as Wolfram Alpha, LATex, or even Word maths editor.
Then, make a screenshot of it and upload it to the wiki to integrate it to your articles.

Other actions

Rename a page

As described above when you create a page, the red link must be the title of the page you intend to create.

If for some reasons the title needs to be changed (mistake or clarification), the process requires several steps (creating a new page, merging the old page with the new one...)

Therefore, the change title process will only be performed by the TDM and TDAM.

Delete a page

Deleting a page should always be considered a last resort option as the aim of an encyclopedia is preferrably to maintain and update current pages rather than deleting and replacing existing content.

This action can only be performed by TDM and TDAM after reviewing the deletion request.

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  • This documentation is copyrighted as part of the intellectual property of the International Virtual Aviation Organisation.


  • The content of this documentation is intended for aviation simulation only and must not be used for real aviation operations.