IFR Approach procedure - Intermediate approach segment[PDF]

That segment of an instrument approach procedure between the intermediate fix and the final approach fix, or between the end of reversal, racetrack or dead reckoning track procedure and the final approach fix or point as appropriate.
This is the segment during which the aircraft speed and configuration should be adjusted to prepare the aircraft for final approach. For this reason the descent gradient is kept as shallow as possible.

Where a final approach fix (FAF) or a final approach point (FAP) is specified, the intermediate approach segment begins when the aircraft is on the inbound track of the procedure turn, base turn, or final inbound leg of the racetrack procedure. It ends at the FAF or FAP. Where no FAF is specified, the inbound track is the final approach segment.

During the intermediate approach, the obstacle clearance requirement reduces from 300m (984ft) to 150m (492ft) in the primary area.

If there is no intermediate fix, the intermediate approach segment does not exist.

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  • ICAO Documentation 8168 - Aircraft Operations - Volume I - Flight Procedures - 6th Edition 2010 - Section 4 - Chapter 4


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