HQ Pilot Group application requirements[PDF]

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The HQ pilot applicant shall have:
  • a rating respecting the table below
  • a fluent capability for speaking and writing in English.
  • a clean suspension history (at least the last 12 months).
  • enough time to fly (at least 2 sessions per month)
  • to accept and follow the internal rules of the HQ Pilots group
  • a deep knowledge of, at the minimum, one jet and one propeller engine powered aircraft.
  • the skills to communicate in fluent English by voice during the all the session
  • the skills to follow any ATC or examiner instructions with respecting the flight rules

Minimum Rating Table :

Applicant Pilot Rating Requested ATC Rating Can apply on HQ Pilot Group
FS1, FS2, FS3 Any No
PP Any No
SPP AS3 or lower No
SPP ADC or above Yes and Entry exam is required
CP Any Yes and Entry exam is required
ATP or above Any Yes, Entry flight exam is NOT required
If you fulfill the requirement listed here, you can apply to the group and check our HQ Pilot Group Entry Examination Procedure.

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