HAL server - Trainer Manual[PDF]


IVAO HAL Training Tool Manual for IVAO Trainers.

Non-training staff and regular staff are not supposed to know anything about trainer commands.
This article is written with Aurora version 1.1.75b.
For IvAc 1 HAL usage please read : http://forum.ivao.aero/index.php?topic=251443.0

Connection to the server

Open ATC Client and load the sector file. On the menu bar, click on "Connect" to open the following window :

HAL connect.png

Tick "connect to TRAINING SERVER".

If you experience any issue, please post on the staff Discord channel #hal-server or e-mail to devops@ivao.aero

On the menu bar, open the "ATC" window :

HAL ATC Menu.png

Open the "EXAM TRAINING" module :

HAL Training Menu.png
  1. Click on HAL to open the HAL Menu
  2. Enter the HAL password
  3. Click on LOGIN

Only Training HQ, Div HQ/TC/TAC/TAx have access to the HAL training module.
If you do not see this menu and you think it is not normal, please e-mail devops@ivao.aero
The HAL password is given by HTM/HTAM to Div HQ/TC/TAC who are responsible for HAL usage in their divisions.
To obtain your HAL password, please contact hal@ivao.aero

You should now be connected as a trainer with this message : You are a trainer now, Dave.

Tips : if you don't have a large screen and you don't need the Training/Exam box (left part), then click on the"Info" button to hide it.
You can then hide the comments part by re-sizing the box by moving the bottom right corner.

HAL tips.png

Aircraft creation

Quick creation tool

At the bottom of the HAL tool you can find a quick aircraft creation tool.

HAL quick creation.png

Check on the left the items you want (Distance is required, set 1 as example). Click on "ADD TRAFFIC" to spawn it.

Command line

If you have your own command lines to spawn aircraft, you can open COM Box from the Menu Bar and type :

.chat HAL2000

HAL manual command.png

Then type your commands as you used to do with IvAc.

Aircraft in-flight commands

Command lines

All commands used in IvAc 1 can still be used with Aurora.
Commands are listed here:
Commands such as "Force act" and "text" on COM1 work as well.

Special squawk codes like 7600 or 7700 can only be given by private messages to the aircraft.

Quick command tool

HAL quick commands.jpg

Clearance field : type here the clearance for the aircraft
NEW.jpg WP : Copy cleared way point from strip to clearance field
NEW.jpg ALT : Copy cleared altitude/FL from strip to clearance field
NEW.jpg SPD : Copy cleared speed from strip to clearance field

FH : fly heading xxx
TL : turn left heading xxx
TR : turn right heading xxx
PD : proceed direct xxx
DCT : proceed direct xxx (same as PD)
TL DCT : turn left direct xxx
TR DCT : turn right direct xxx
MH : maintain present heading
EX T : expedite turn direct xxx
S. DCT : direct xxx and continue as filed
RO : resume own navigation (as filed on FPL)
HOLD : hold over xxx

CM : climb and maintain altitude/FL xxx
DM : descend and maintain altitude/FL xxx
MA : maintain current altitude
INFO : show/hide training menu
EX C : expedite climb to altitude/FL xxx
EX D : expedite descend to altitude/FL xxx
UNICOM : set subtrainer on/off to send commands on primary frequency

SPD : speed xxx
RS : reduce speed xxx
IS : increase speed xxx
NSR : no speed restriction

CI : cleared ILS/RNP approach RWY xx
CV : cleared visual approach RWY xx
CL : cleared to land RWY xx
TF : turn final (and land) RWY xx

SS : say speed
SH : say heading
SA : say altitude
SVS : say vertical speed

SQ : set squawk xxxx
IDENT : squawk ident
DIE : die selected aircraft
DIE ALL : die all aircraft made by you

PAUSE : pause all aircraft made by you
CONTINUE : resume all aircraft previously paused

To issue a clearance using the quick tool, enter the content in the clearance field; then press the clearance button.

Example : to clear an aircraft to descend to FL100 and fly heading 280
Write "100" in the clearance box then press "DM"
Write "280" in the clearance box then press "FH"

Note : if your student correctly fills his/her strips, you should be able to use WP/ALT/SPD to copy clearance from the strip to the clearance field; then click on the desired function.


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