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1. I'm a new member, already registered, but I have almost no knowledge at all about flight procedures or Air Traffic Control etc… Where can I find help?
The Training Department is there for you at training: As you are registered in a specific division, you should contact your local Training Department. You can mail your training coordinator by using their email adress and (Each time, replace ‘XX’ by the two-letter code of your Division or multi-country division see The list of available countries) You may also visit their web site, found via (Each time, replace ‘XX’ by the two-letter code of your Division.) All Training Staff Members are either professional or very qualified people who are there in order to help you to get more flying or ATC skills.

2. I would like to progress as pilot or ATC on IVAO, I want to grow up and get higher ranks! How can I take exams on IVAO?
First of all, check our Exam Policy to learn how IVAO's exam system works. Then, when you are ready to take your exam, visit your IVAO Profile and switch to the tab “My personal details”. This is the link to the training part of your member details, where you can request theoretical and practical exams. When your theoretical exam is finished and submitted, it will be evaluated automatically. You will have to wait some time as the process of evaluation is automatic, but must be initiated manually. As soon as your exam is evaluated, you will receive an e-mail with the result. For practical exams, an examiner will receive the request and then will contact you in order to arrange further details (such as time/date and location). Make sure you are familair with the Briefing Guides provided before requesting any exam!

3. I applied for an exam quite some time ago and my examiner didn't contact me yet, what can I do?
Your examiner normally has one month to evaluate your exam. Once this period is likely to be exceeded, you should try to contact the examiner directly. The examiner and e-mail address can be found by visiting the exam entry in your IVAO Profile, then looking up the Staff tab on the examiner's profile. If you fail to contact your examiner, please use our Contact Form or send a mail to Always include your IVAO VID and exam number.

4. What can I do about a practical exam with the status “canceled”?
According to our Exam Policy, your practical exams should be done at the latest 1 month after applying for it. All practical exams that are older than 2 months are automatically cancelled. In addition, all exams which are scheduled but not attended, for whatever reason, and all exams where the examinee doesn't contact the examiner for a scheduling will also be cancelled by the HQ Training department. This is to avoid too many “failed” exams in the history that are actually “no shows”. If your exam has been cancelled, send a mail to TD and TAD, with your VID, to reactivate it. If there are no other reasons not to reset your exam, we will do it immediately.

5.My Theoretical exam has crashed:

  • I requested a theoretical exam and realized that I can't do it, and now it has expired.
  • What can I do about a theoretical exam with the status “canceled” or “timed out”?
  • My computer crashed, I had a power failure or I lost my internet connection during the theoretical exam.

We are confronted more and more often with requests for resetting theoretical exams timed out/cancelled due to technical problems (loss of Internet connection, computer crash, time out…) The answer to the questions a) through c) are all the same: The system does not allow us the resetting of theoretical exams. We remind all members taking a theoretical exam that, after they initiate the exam (45 minutes), they should save their answers (Send button) on a regular basis. Only the last submission is taken into account for exam evaluation. This should avoid the exam being marked 0 in case a problem occurs.

6. Got a question about the contents of your theoretical exam?
Are you puzzled about a question in your theoretical exam? Was it marked wrong, even though you are pretty sure you answered right? Training Staff can help you. To get help, send an e-mail to, and include the exam's number as displayed in your profile besides your specific question about the exam. Of course we will not just give away the correct answers, but you will get enough explanation and some pointers to find out the correct answer yourself. The answers on our question may be found mainly on our documentation offer. Please do not share any exam questions in the forum or any other media. Thank you.

7. Where may I announce a training session to attract traffic?
The Training Department approves announcements of training sessions in the IVAO forum. Naturally, announcements to attract traffic are only valid for ATC training. The announcement posts will be deleted latest one week after the session took place. We must use this procedure in order to maintain a certain order in this forum.

8. Who may I contact if I have further/other questions?
Please, use our Contact Form to conveniently send a message to the Training Department. You can also send your e-mail to If you are trying to contact a specific person, please look up the personal e-mail address on the Training Staff List (including both HQ and Division Training Staff).

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