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This documentation describes the flight plan management system which works with the IVAO pilot software.

The pilot client introduces a new way of managing and sending your flight plans.

The flight plan management system is now the system managing and archiving all your flight plans and attached data.

Like in real aviation, flight plans are now managed externally in a centralized system. The IVAO pilot software will automatically get flight plan information from the server.

The IVAO Flight Plan Server is located at this address: http://fpl.ivao.aero

System Overview

You shall log in with the IVAO API login before entering the flight plan system.
Use your VID and Website password in order to log in.
The IVAO flight plan system has different areas :
  1. Flight plan menu area on the right
  2. UTC hour and User connected VID and name on top bar
  3. File a flight plan button
  4. Import an external flight plan area
  5. Upcoming area that displays current and just accomplished flights
  6. Aircraft hangar area
Flightplanserver overview.png

Note: When you hover with your mouse area number 1, this area will open like in the image below:
Flightplanserver menu.png

File a flight Plan Menu

When you select this menu this page will be opened.

Flightplanserver empty flight plan form.png
You shall fill all the areas, before submitting the flight plan to the system.

In this page, you can :

  • fill from scratch a new flight plan in ICAO format.
  • import it with the standard fpl format.
Flightplanserver loadparameter.png

Note: When you click on the "Select Aircraft from Hangar" button, you may pre-fill information in your empty flight plan with predefined aircraft data stored in your personal hangar (see image below).

Flightplanserver selectaircrafthangar.png

Note: When running Select Aircraft from Hangar for the first time, your aircraft hangar is empty. You can create your own hangar with your own aircraft.

My Flight Plans Menu

In this Menu there are 2 sub-menus:

  • Upcoming Flight Plan
  • Archived Flight Plan

Upcoming FPL

The upcoming flight plan section will show you the available flight plans:
  • flight plans highlighted with grey background are old non active and closed flight plan(s).
  • flight plans highlighted with green background are current active flight plan.
  • flight plans with white background are future and non active flight plan(s) .
Flightplanserver upcoming fpl.png

Definition: EOBT = Estimated Off-Block Time : the estimated time at which the aircraft will commence movement associated with departure of the concerned day of flight (DOF value in Field 18).
  • Only the Current active flight plan is taken as the current one by the IVAO server for your current flight and connection.
  • Be sure that it is activated all the time inside the IVAO pilot client and no other future flight plan will be activated before the end of flight.
  • If your current flight plan is still activated and you want to select the next flight plan, click on action button Close and Archive. That will close automatically the active flight plan selected.

The action buttons are :

  • Green with aircraft taking off : Reactivate the outdated flight plan
  • Dark Blue with a pen : Edit flight plan
  • Grey with a down arrow : Export flight plan
  • Red with basket : Close flight plan and archive it.

Flightplanserver buttons.png

Archived Flight plans

This area is containing all your archived flight plans, flown or not.
Flightplanserver archived fpl.png

Note: You can filter the flight plans in order to search one by using the entry areas on top.

The action buttons are:

  • Grey with a down arrow : Export flight plan
  • Dark Blue with dual papers : Clone and File a new flight plan based on the selected one
  • Red with basket : Suppress definitively from server (no save)

Flightplanserver buttons2.png

Aircraft Hangar Menu

You can manage your preferred aircraft inside the hangar:
Flightplanserver hangarlist.png

The actions are:

  • Dark blue pen : Edit selected aircraft
  • Grey left arrow with white page : File a flight plan with this aircraft database
  • Red basket : Delete selected aircraft
Flightplanserver buttons3.png

When you create or edit an aircraft you will have this panel:

Flightplanserver hangar edition.png

The data required are:

  • Registration callsign
  • ICAO aircraft type
  • Wake turbulence category
  • Equipment
  • Transponder equipment

Optional data are:

  • SELCAL code for oceanic flights only (please respect the rules for this specific code).
  • Additional remarks like PBN, NAV…

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