Final approach track interception[PDF]

To ensure a convenient interception of the final approach axis (LOC track, VOR radial or NDB track) the APP controller shall use the approach gate (mandatory):
  • Provide at least a 30 seconds long straight track over the final approach track before joining the FAF or the FAP
  • Indicate an interception heading (whenever the aircraft does not have a compatible heading already) which is ideally 30° with respect to the approach track or in any case higher than 10° and lower than 45°
  • Give the published interception altitude for the procedure in question (whenever the aircraft is not already established at that altitude)
  • Issue the final IFR approach clearance following the standard phraseology
  • Do not let the pilot intercept the final approach axis with a speed higher than 220kt IAS (the average interception speed of a Medium aircraft is between 180 and 200kt IAS)
Approach traffic APC 14.jpg


  • black arrow = good track for interception
  • dotted red arrow = possible tracks but needs pilot’s approval
  • red arrow = forbidden track (except aircraft performing their own visual approach)
  • green area (triangle) = approach gate valid area
The interception of the descent glide slope is realized at level flight once established on the final approach track and undercrossing the descent slope, the localizer shall be established before the glide.

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