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Q: Which simulators used in the network with IvAp are compatible with Altitude ?

A: Currently, only Microsoft Flight Simulator X, Laminar Research X-Plane 10, X-Plane 11, Lockheed Martin Prepar3D v1-v4 are compatible. FS2004 and FS2002 users should keep IvAp1.

Q: Is Altitude compatible with 64-bit simulators ?

A: Yes, Prepar3D v4 and X-Plane 10/11 64-bit are covered by this release.

Q: Is Altitude compatible with 32-bit simulators ?

A: Yes, FSX and X-Plane 10 32-bit are covered by this release. But pay attention that the External User interface can be run only on a 64bit operating system. (X-plane 8 and 9 32bit have not been tested).

Q: Is Altitude compatible with macOS ?

A: Yes, 64-bit software is released for macOS for 64-bit version of X-Plane 10 and 11.

Q: Is Altitude compatible with Linux ?

A: Yes, 64-bit software is released for Linux for 64-bit version of X-Plane 10 and 11.

Q: Is Altitude available in Windows 32bit ?

A: No, there is currently no 32 bit version of Altitude.


Q: How to run Altitude on Linux ?

A: Be sure to download the file with the "AppImage" extension. You need to enable the "executable" permission on this file to allow its execution. More information on this file format can be found here: https://appimage.org/

Q: Do I need to uninstall Ivap or X-ivap ?

A: It is mandatory to uninstall X-Ivap for X-plane User (remove X-ivap-64.xpl X-ivap-32.xpl or X-ivap.xpl or win.xpl depending on the version you have inserted manually, but keep the 'X-IvAp-Resources' directory. (located Xplane directory/Resources/plugins). For first BETA release, please do not uninstall Ivap until further notice.

Q: I cannot install Altitude on FSX:Steam. What is the procedure ?

A: Please follow these steps:

1. You must have Administrator rights in your computer. 2. Do not install in C:\Program Files, C:\Program Files(x86); Install in the default C:\IVAO\Altitude. 3. Go through the installer and expect that Windows 10 will try to block the installer from running; click run anyway. 4.Once you get to the selection, make sure you select your Flight Sim and also click the UI "Universal Interface" if running on the same computer. 5.Once done make sure you install the MTL or, if you already have it, just run the MTL index.

6.Reboot your computer; start your Flight Sim; then start your PilotUI as Administrator.

Q: Do I have to reboot my computer after Altitude intallation ?

A: Yes, it is mandatory to reboot your computer after Altitude installation for the P3D and FSX/ FSX:SE users.

Q: Does Altitude provide an automated MTL or X-CSL installation ? NB!

A: In the forum we offer you a prototype installer for FSX and P3D. If this prototype does not work, refer to the original IVAP process of installing the MTLs.

For X-plane users, CSL are the same as X-ivap and we provide the X-csl team installer inside the package. During the installation process, the installer will be run.

In case of your MTL or X-CSL already being installed, Altitude will support this current configuration, so therefore you are only required to install Altitude without any further intervention.

Q: Where are the CSL installed in X-plane ?

Configurate the X-CSL installer with your X-plane path and update.

The CSL should be located in the Xplane_root_dir/Resources/Plugins/X-Ivap Resouces/CSL


Q: What are the MTL installation steps ?

FS2004 and FSX : https://www.ivao.aero/softdev/ivap.asp

P3Dv4 : http://mtl.ivao.aero/Beta/MTL-P3D4.zip (Extract to your SimObjects folder)

And make sure you have the path there, something like: C:\ProgramData\Lockheed Martin\Prepar3D v4\simobjects.cfg


Title=IVAO MTL Path=G:\Prepar3D v4\SimObjects\IVAO_MTL Required=True



Q: On Altitude's first connection window, I have lost the simulator address and authorization key ?

A: The authorization key is the 4 letters "ivao" in lower case only. (IVAO, Ivao do not work and remove extra characters space and ".")

The simulator address is if you run the Pilot User Interface in the same computer as the simulator. If the local address does not work, use the local IP address like the situation with any remote computer. (ipconfig on cmd windows).

If you run the User Interface on another computer, take your computer IP number which hosts the simulator and insert it in the Pilot User Interface.

Q: I cannot connect the simulator with the Altitude User Interface in FSX/P3D ?

A: The configuration file located on your computer:

  • 'your user directory\APPDATA\Microsoft\FSX\DLL.XML' (APPDATA directory may be hidden) or
  • 'your user directory\APPDATA\ROAMING\Microsoft\FSX\DLL.XML' (APPDATA directory may be hidden) or
  • 'your user directory/APPDATA/ROAMING/LOCKEED MARTIN/PREPAR3D V4/DLL.xml' (APPDATA directory may be hidden).

Verify that the extract below is copied inside the DLL.XML file (something like that).

<Launch.Addon><Name>IVAO Pilot Client</Name>

<Disabled>False</Disabled> <Path>$INSTDIR\PilotCore\pilot_core_fsxp3d_x86.dll</Path>


Q: I cannot connect to the IVAO SHARD network with Altitude ?

A: Check the outbound rules of the windows firewall and check if the P3d/FSX/Xplane application does have the necessary authorization to go through.

Note: For those who have the same problem, just open the windows defender firewall advanced security, look for the entry p3d, double-click on the entry and in the screen that appears click on allow the connection.

Q: TS2 is not connecting automatically! What can I do ?

A: Here is the list of possible solutions:

First, you shall check the presence of TSREMOTE.DLL where your main flight simulation application is located (FSX.Exe XPLANE.EXE). Second, you shall run TS2 always with administrator rights (in Windows right click -> Properties -> Compatibility menu). Third, you may run the Altitude UI with administrator rights.

Fourth, check if your Windows user has administrator rights.

Q: After connection, Altitude said I have no flight plan filled. What should I do ?

A: The flight plan is now available via web site : https://fpl.ivao.aero

The flight plan is not in the Altitude software. You can click on "No flight plan" and on the link provided by the opening tab, and you will launch this website with your favorite browser.


Q: Why do I need to choose MTL on connection ? Why cannot I select CSL ?

A: MTL is the multiplayer representation of an other network pilot in your simulator for FSX and P3D. For X-plane, we have the same named CSL.

In Altitude Software, you now select from one unique list as the software is common. Today, the list chosen is a MTL official list for development reasons. The pilot selects the closest MTL for representing his aircraft in other player's simulator (yourself, you never see the MTL chosen). With this MTL selected in your application: the players who run FSX and P3D will have the chosen MTL displayed.

The players who run X-plane will have the chosen CSL compatible with MTL displayed.

Q: There is no button to show or hide the interface. What can I do ?

A: If you use Windows, use the predefined ALT+TAB keys to switch from the simulator to the Pilot client application.

And in Windows, it's easy to change from the sim to the UI and vice versa while in fullscreen mode via the Win Key + "number" command. "Number" means the position of your UI application on the taskbar (seen from left to right, the Windows start menu button does not count).

If you are on MAC, you can use CMD + tab and then press tab until you reach the PilotUI icon.

Q: Does Altitude have an integrated voice system ?

A: At the present moment, we still require using TeamSpeak 2 as our voice platform. However, we are already in the process of discussions regarding the integrated voice system, as this has been identified as one of our highest priorities in our software roadmap.

Q: Does Altitude have cockpit sharing capabilities ?

A: Yes, the second pilot should log in as an observer with the same callsign with the suffix 'M' as multiplayer. Check the documentation :https://mediawiki.ivao.aero/index.php?title=IVAO_Pilot_Software#Cockpit_sharing_connection_to_IVAO

Q: Does Altitude provide an integrated weather system ?

A: No. This decision to not implement any weather system was strategic as the weather system is very complex (and creates many unstabilities with ivap).

In the community, you can find freeware tools to generate weather: You can use your internal simulator weather generation NOAA plugin for Xplane (=https://x-plane.joanpc.com/plugins/xpgfs-noaa-weather)

http://www.plane-pics.de/fsxwx/home.htm for FSX/P3D

Q: Does Altitude provide a pushback module?

A: No. This feature has not been developed.

Freeware modules exist:
GroundAssist https://library.avsim.net/esearch.php?DLID=214390 for FSX/P3D

BetterPushback for Xplane ( https://forums.x-plane.org)

Q: I have filled a flight plan and Altitude does not catch it and is still displaying "No flight plan' . What I can do ?

A: You should verify these 3 main points :

Be sure that Altitude is connected to the IVAO network: ONLINE shall be displayed on the UI. Your flight plan shall be green (active) in the system and not white (future) and grey (closed) => if not green, then check EOBT and DOF/ .

Your callsign shall be exactly the same (mandatory) in the connection window of the UI and in the callsign in the flight plan.

Q: Can Altitude be used for examination ?

A: Not today, but Training Department is working on Altitude accreditation for exams.

Q: Altitude documentation says it is possible to have dual COMS RX (receiving). I cannot connect 2 frequencies on voice! How is that possible ?

A: Today the dual reception feature works only in text mode. Voice communication is provided only on the channel which hosts the selected green TX.

Third Party Software Compatibility

Q: With PMDG aircraft, I cannot change the frequencies ?

A: This is a third party PMDG feature. You need to push the "MIC" button on top of the COM1/COM2 on the radio panel of the 747.

Q: Is Altitude compatible with the Hoppie system ?

A: The Hoppie system is not an IVAO system. Today there is no short term plan to be compatible with Hoppie. For the mid-term, Software Development will monitor the evolution of this system to create our own, or interface with it.


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