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=== Year 2021 ===
=== Year 2021 ===
* Joey Salzman leve his TDM functions and Erwan L'Hotelier become again TDM. Julien Chabbey becomes TDAM
* Joey Salzman leaves his TDM functions and Erwan L'Hotelier becomes again TDM. Julien Chabbey becomes TDAM
* Juan Martinez (2020) and Baptiste Sella join the team
* Juan Martinez (2020) and Baptiste Sella join the team
* Erwan L'Hotelier leave the documentation and Julien Chabbey becomes TDM
* Erwan L'Hotelier leaves the documentation Team
*Julien Chabbey becomes TDM
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Building a training documentation is one of the hardest and longest tasks performed in the IVAO network. This documentation has required many skills and motivated members in order to create a full documentation covering all our exams.

This documentation writing process has been performed during 4 long years for the first step (first 226 documents).

The training documentation goal is:

  • Offering our members the best documentation for their theoretical and practical exams adapted to the IVAO network
  • Offering our members all documentation sorted in different subjects which cover the IVAO main activities
  • Offering our members free documentation in a unique format, compatible with all Operating Systems
  • Offering our members a complete wikipedia database


The strategy chosen by the training department during the end of the year 2012 is:

  • Create a global program covering all ATC and Pilot exams
  • Writing short articles covering one subject each, in order to publish each of them when ready.
  • PDF was chosen as the unique format and it is compatible with many free readers available for all operating systems
  • Documentation can be consulted using a rank filter
  • Documentation can be displayed using chapters outside any rank system

This strategy was chosen to break the long waiting time of a complete work which trends to frustrate all members due to a long time without information.

During the year 2018, we wanted to modernize our documentation:

  • Integration of all PDF documentation into a global mediawiki database
  • This wiki will offer the members the search feature and the links between articles
  • This wiki will keep generating PDF documents in order to study off-line.

First steps of this work cannot be done so quickly without the work done before:
  • I-PACK : Former IVAO instruction pack based on HTML created by Marc Lauer (2001)
  • IVAO Academy : Former IVAO website for training documentation
  • ADC book: Former ADC IVAO book launch in december 2011

Publisher and writers

Training Documentation managers IVAO-TDM and IVAO-TDAM are responsible of the publication of all articles and their maintenance.

They can be helped by training department members, training documentation advisors or other experienced senior staff from other departments.

All documents are IVAO property and authors property. Translation of the documentation and re-use of the documentation are subject to IVAO HQ training department approval.
Author(VID & Name) Number of Documents
150259 Erwan L'hotellier 227
200696 Joey Salzmann 50
522050 Serdar Ozden 23
514786 Julien Chabbey 19
531824 Maksim Sugak 17
250741 Jose Toro 12
IVAO Executive 6
450012 Stanislas Chareyre 6
241036 Jorge Guazo 5
208011 Adrien Antkowiak 4
191548 Christan Van Haren 3
205631 Filipe Fonseca 3
232105 Jeremy Renard 1
250025 Sergio Moran 1
313828 Jarrett Iovine 1
529524 Baptiste Sella 4

History of Training Documentation Staff since the 2013 rebuild

The history will present only the history of the current documentation history, starting year 2013

History of documentation team

  • 2012-2018: VID 150259 Erwan L’Hotellier as TDM
  • 2014-2015: VID 250741 José Toro as TDA3
  • 2015-2016: VID 200696 Joey Salzmann as TDA1
  • 2017-2018: VID 200696 Joey Salzmann as TDAM
  • 2018-2018: VID 313828 Jarrett Michael Iovine as TDA1
  • 01/2018-12/2018: VID 435695 Alvaro Martinez Ocon as TDA2
  • 01/2018-today: VID 531824 Maksim Sugak as TDA3
  • 12/2018-today: VID 256272 Peter Schalk as TDA1
  • 12/2018-today: VID 150259 Erwan L’Hotellier as TDAM
  • 12/2018-today: VID 200696 Joey Salzmann as TDM
  • 12/2018-today: VID 522050 Serdar Özden as TDA4
  • 12/2018-06/2019: VID 174413 Pasqual Weibel as TDA6
  • 12/2018-today: VID 514786 Julien Chabbey as TDA5
  • 12/2018-today: VID 450012 Stanislas Chareyre as TDA7
  • 10/2019-today: VID 241036 Jorge Guazo as TDA2
  • 2020-today: VID 109661 Juan Martínez as TDA5
  • 12/2018-today: VID 514786 Julien Chabbey as TDA5/TDAM/TDM

Training HQ staff contributors (VID order)

  • VID 109661 Juan Martínez as TDA
  • VID 150259 Erwan L’hotellier (TDM - SRTA)
  • VID 173216 Christian Koehler (Former SRTA)
  • VID 174413 Pasqual Weibel (Former TDA)
  • VID 191548 Christian Van Haren (Former SRTA)
  • VID 200696 Joey Salzmann (TDM - SRTA)
  • VID 208011 Adrien Antkowiak (SRTA)
  • VID 232105 Jeremy Renard (SRTA)
  • VID 241036 Jorge Guazo (TDA)
  • VID 250025 Sergio Moran (former TDM)
  • VID 256272 Peter Schalk (TDA)
  • VID 250741 José Toro (Former TDA and SRTA)
  • VID 275446 Daniel Breuer (former TDM)
  • VID 313828 Jarrett Michael Iovine (Former TDA - SRTA)
  • VID 435695 Alvaro Martinez Ocon (Former TDA)
  • VID 446375 Matthias Panebianco (SRTA)
  • VID 450012 Stanislas Chareyre (TDA)
  • VID 514786 Julien Chabbey (TDA/TDAM/TDM)
  • VID 522050 Serdar Özden (TDA)
  • VID 529524 Baptiste Sella (TDA)
  • VID 531824 Maksim Sugak (TDA)

Other contributors (VID order)

  • VID 205631 Filipe Fonseca (AOD)

English correction contributors (VID order)

  • VID 183272 Jeremy Rochefort (Former EXEC)
  • VID 256272 Peter Schalk (TDA)

History of current documentation

Year 2012

  • May 2012: IVAO-TDM started to reconstruct the documentation database. He started the work on documentation at PP level
  • November 2012: IVAO-TDM proposed to training directors TD and TAD a new program of documentation with a detailed plan to create up to 96 documents covering our 6 practical main exams. (This plan was never made previously!)

Year 2013

  • January 2013: IVAO-TDM started to write documentation
  • June 2013: After 5 month of writing, IVAO-TDM published the first set of documentation. We reached 40 documents with a new target of 125 (32%)
  • August 2013: We splitted existing PP/ADC documentation into FSx/ASx rank page + PP/ADC rank page in order to offer documentation for the first theoretical exam. We reached 59 documents with a target of 125 (47%)

Year 2014

  • January 2014: All documentation was republished due to the IVAO logo change. We reached 70 documents with a target of 130 (54%)
  • June 2014: A new plan of documentation was issued with a plan of 160 documents. Web site has been changed to generate the pages with a unique configuration file. We reached 100 documents with a target of 160 (62%).
  • August 2014: English correction of some documentation has been done by Jeremy Rochefort. We reached 119 documents with a target of 160 (74%)
  • October 2014: A new presentation was created due to new IVAO branding strategy. We reached 133 documents with a target of 179 (75%)
  • November 2014: We reached 144 documents with a target of 182 (79%) and we continued to upgrade old documentation to the new template.

Year 2015

  • February 2015: All documentation was transferred using the new HQ IVAO template respecting IVAO branding. We reached 153 documents with a target of 189 (81%). Peter Schalk started to help training department with correcting all of our documentations.
  • June 2015: We added all exam briefings in our documentation. We reached 170 documents with a target of 199 (85%)
  • December 2015: We reached 182 documents with a target of 206 (88%)

Year 2016

  • February 2016: We reached 188 documents with a target of 208 (90%).
  • June 2016: Peter Schalk has now finished reading current documentation; 100% of our documentation is now corrected. He will focus on correcting our new documentation. All exam briefings were inserted in the training documentation. PP and SPP level are now complete. We reached 196 documentations with a target of 208 (94%).
  • September 2016: We reached 207 documents with a target of 214 (96%)
  • December 2016: We reached 215 documents with a target of 220 (97%)

Year 2017

  • January 2017: Joey Salzmann is promoted as training documentation assistant manager
  • February 2017: We reached 219 documents with a target of 221 (99%). We consider that our 4 years program is accomplished!
  • April 2017: We reached 226 documents . We continue with a new program of documentation.
  • November 2017: We reached 241 documents. We started to populate all the documentation inside a wikimedia database

Year 2018

  • November 2018: We reached 256 documents. The Wiki is filled at about 50%
  • December 2018: We reached 256 documents. The Wiki is filled at about 80%. Joey Salzmann is now TDM, and Erwan L'Hotellier is switched to TDAM in order to bring more fresh blood into the management of the team.

Year 2019

  • January 2019: The IVAO MediaWiki is published with 300 articles covering our former 256 PDF documents and 11 external links. All former PDF's will be suppressed as from each document in the wiki base, you can generate your own PDF article. The wiki integrators are Alvaro Martinez Ocon(20), Peter Schalk(30), Maksim Sugak(35), Stanislas Chareyre(47), Joey Salzmann(63), Erwan L'Hotellier(105)
  • August 2019: We reached 316 articles published on wiki.
  • October 2019: We reached 321 articles published on wiki.
  • December 2019: The first 17 articles dedicated to helicopters have been completely reviewed and published. Following a year of hard work, the helicopter team composed of Julien, Jorge and Pasqual (retired) led by Serdar is about to complete the writing program they created to provide the IVAO members with a full helicopter documentation.

Year 2021

  • Joey Salzman leaves his TDM functions and Erwan L'Hotelier becomes again TDM. Julien Chabbey becomes TDAM
  • Juan Martinez (2020) and Baptiste Sella join the team
  • Erwan L'Hotelier leaves the documentation Team
  • Julien Chabbey becomes TDM


  • 13:34, 18 August 2022


  • This documentation is copyrighted as part of the intellectual property of the International Virtual Aviation Organisation.


  • The content of this documentation is intended for aviation simulation only and must not be used for real aviation operations.